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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Northern Brass Trumpetfest.... Review in the General forums; This "review" was written by a TPIN poster. It's nice to see such positive remarks following a Northern Brass Trumpetfest! ...
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    Northern Brass Trumpetfest.... Review

    This "review" was written by a TPIN poster. It's nice to see such positive remarks following a Northern Brass Trumpetfest!
    Hi folks --

    I have been up to my eyes with work but I wanted to mention the hip and
    heavy Northern Brass TrumpetFest hosted by Bruce Lee and Trent Austin
    last week near Boston.

    Bruce had an array of premium horns (Lawler, Eclipse, Callet, and
    others) and the GR and Northern Brass mouthpiece lines.

    Trent gave a concert with a jazz trio (bass/drums/tpt) and gave a
    superbly informed improvisation clinic.

    Some of my impressions:

    I went to the Fest with some real questions. My attacks had been giving
    me trouble, although I've been practicing more and am much stronger in
    other ways as a player. But, the attack is SOOO important. At first
    Bruce just let me doodle around and find the right size. He is a
    marvelous, low-key, helpful consultant. But when I asked some specific
    questions, about WHY a certain mpc/tpt played and responded a certain
    way, he surprised me by instead telling me why it responded that way for
    ME, with MY setup and MY chops and MY habits.

    He is a good consultant for equipment, but probably a great teacher.
    (He's obviously an excellent player too).

    Trent's concert and his development as a soloist defy standard
    description. His facility over the horn and the harmonies are so
    thorough that one immediately relaxes and stops listening for "trumpet"
    and starts listening for "music." Though he might interrupt that
    process with the occasional "how did he do that?" from a mortal trumpet
    player like me. Playing in a demanding format (the trio sans piano)
    and, what's more, playing "Giant Steps" with just the drummer and then
    "Joy Spring" unaccompanied, this was one of the best jazz trumpet
    performances I've seen all year. He blazed fast lines and he burnished
    slow melodies. His inside/outside playing reminds me of Woody Shaw, and
    his playful melodicism and dark singing tone make one think of Jack
    Sheldon a bit. All with more than a dash of Clark Terry and Clifford

    Trent has all the ingredients.

    He is also a first-rate clinician, discussing and demonstrating chordal
    and scalar notions so important to playing jazz.

    We're lucky to have such generous and helpful folks...


    Trent and I would love to do a Northern Brass Trumpetfest in the NY/NJ/CT area. If you are interested in hosting, please send me an e-mail, PM, or give me a call. Thanks!

    Best always,

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    Re: Northern Brass Trumpetfest.... Review

    The very first post.... This is TM History folks ;)

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    Re: Northern Brass Trumpetfest.... Review

    Why not come to Texas?

    Besides the "Northern" part
    "There are two sides to a trumpeter's personality: there is the one that lives only to lay waste to the woodwinds and strings, leaving them lying blue and lifeless along the swath of destruction that is a trumpeter's fury; then there's the dark side...." --Michael Stewart

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