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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Obscure craftsmen in the General forums; I was curious what much-lesser known trumpet makers or modifiers lurk in your region. Van...
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    Obscure craftsmen

    I was curious what much-lesser known trumpet makers or modifiers lurk in your region.


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    Jim Becker at Osmun Music has built some amazing horns and just resurrected my 1956 Conn 38B... he's a magician and in my opinion the best custom technician out there.



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    I have a good friend in the Indy area that has a great knowledge of the trumpet. he is a good troubleshooter of problems and comes up with some neat things also. his main problem is that he doesn't have the time to really do this on a regular basis since he also has another job that he puts in 60 hr. + per week. he turned a "junk" Bach of mine into a wild horn that was so raucous that I ended up selling it to some high school kid, he discovered an intonation problem on my wife's horn that made no sense, and the list goes on. old geezer Dave
    by the way, his name is Bob Frost
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    Here in the UK there are quite a few creative eccentrics working on brass instruments. Quite a lot of them are resistant to modern comunications like the internet,.....some of the most talented are even 'phonephobic'....!!

    Two of the best known and loved brass eccentics are Denis Wedgwood,..maker/inventor of incredibly good trumpets and cornets,..if he takes a liking to you!.......and John Webb, painstaking maker of breathtaking natural trumpets.

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