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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Obvious Title Request in the General forums; I haven't started a thread on this site, I think, but I have a respectful request: If you are going ...
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    Obvious Title Request

    I haven't started a thread on this site, I think, but I have a respectful request:

    If you are going to start a thread, please use a title that communicates the subject in a few words. Over and over I see:

    1. I have a question
    2. Question for you
    3. What should I do?
    4. What do you think?
    5. Has anybody else....
    6. So I've got this...
    7. I just picked up

    Further on you see that they are asking about a specific technique, horn, mouthpiece, issue etc. Could you please put that in the title so it shows up on the primary page showing new topics?

    Thanks for your time.

    Richard III

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    Re: Obvious Title Request

    Richard, you make a very good point, thanks for making this post!
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    Re: A quick answer


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    Re: Obvious Title Request

    Thank you!!!
    Indianapolis, Indiana

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    Re: Obvious Title Request

    What shows in the "New Posts" isn't always the full title. A good title will be written like a newspaper story, with the important stuff up front, or better yet like a newspaper banner headline.
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