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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Off Center in the General forums; Hi everyone, A few months ago I underwent a embouchure change due to my heavy playing in the red of ...
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    Off Center

    Hi everyone, A few months ago I underwent a embouchure change due to my heavy playing in the red of my top lip. The change has been extremely helpful on both my sound and my endurance but i have noticed when I play I am a little off center from the middle of my lips.

    I know playing off center is ok if you have tooth protrusions or other jaw factors, but I had braces for 3 years and my jaw and teeth are pretty much perfectly aligned. Will this slight misplacement of center playing hinder my performance at all or should I go back to the mirror and try to correct the placement.

    Thanks for any help in advance.
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    Re: Off Center

    Some great players play a little (or a lot!) off center. There's nothing wrong with it. It sounds like the change you made is paying off, so I would leave well enough alone!

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    Re: Off Center

    Your experience will and does teach you where to put it. For every trumpet player, there is a different embouchure. Don't look,....... listen. there is no correction in a mirror unless it is for a front wheel alignment on your car.

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    Re: Off Center

    I play off center as well and it's no problem.

    I asked my teacher about it one day and he said " works for you so use it. No point in changing it because it does not "look" right".

    IMO, I woouldn't worry about it.
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