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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Old Lou RIP 1-16-2014 in the General forums; Sad news. He had my complete respect as the authority on things York. He has been and will be missed...
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    Re: Old Lou RIP 1-16-2014

    Sad news. He had my complete respect as the authority on things York. He has been and will be missed
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    Re: Old Lou RIP 1-16-2014

    Great guy oldlou. He will definitely be missed and his knowledge was well respected.
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    Re: Old Lou RIP 1-16-2014

    A wonderful man who will be genuinely missed by all Lets give him one last challenge, get Gabriel off that blasted Oboe on back onto a Horn where he should be (a York of course)

    RIP to a true gent of the forum
    Andrew Sapcote

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    Re: Old Lou RIP 1-16-2014


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    Re: Old Lou RIP 1-16-2014

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    Re: Old Lou RIP 1-16-2014

    I will miss OldLou.... such a kindhearted wielder of York trumpet and cornet knowledge that freely shared all that he could with anybody that simply asked....

    I've oftentimes wondered about him in the last year and a half since his last post here.... and I dreaded the day when the announcement of his passing would arrive. God speed OldLou, show'em how it's done up there...

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    Re: Old Lou RIP 1-16-2014

    Truly a loss for the trumpet community, but a gain for HIS spirit. He no longer needs to suffer in a worldly way. Dealing with Living and Dying are a very big part of what makes humans human. I wish Lous family the power to see the good in his passing!
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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    Re: Old Lou RIP 1-16-2014

    From one York fan to another, he will most definitely be missed from all our lives.

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