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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Olds Ambassador Silver Trumpet in the General forums; I have ahd this trumpet for about 35 Years now. I haven't played it in about 25 yearsnow but I ...
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    Olds Ambassador Silver Trumpet

    I have ahd this trumpet for about 35 Years now. I haven't played it in about 25 yearsnow but I took it out last night and it sure sounds sweet. It plays like the first day i got it. I have been told that a all silver Olds ambassador from 1968 is raer . Is it, and what would it be worth? It is in great shape wilth little damage (yery small dent and the second valve slide has the finish worn off an little.


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    Re: Olds Ambassador Silver Trumpet

    Well it is not so rare that it would be worth drasticly more to most people then an Olds Ambassador in that same shape without silver. I find about one silver Olds Ambasador a week on Ebay and sometimes their are two. Since the Old's Ambasador has a lot of demand many people will rebuilt them then silver plate them and try to charge insane amounts for them. As much as I like the Ambassador's they are still considered a student model even in silver. The olds Ambassadors are real wild cards becasue so many people want them. I have seen run of the mill Ambassadors that where in really good shape sell for $24-$350 dollars. Their is one place that rebuilds trumpets and refinish's them I think they where trying to sell a silver and gold Old's Ambassador that was rebuilt includeing replateing of the valves for $1200 but last I checked it was still their and has been their on their sight for a long time. You can get any trumpet silver plated for about $200 take that into account. I would probably hold on to it. The second you put a reserve on it most hard core Ebayer's will pass it by.

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