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Trumpet Discussion Discuss One month so far... in the General forums; Originally Posted by Alan Dismukes I have been on the trumpet comeback trail for one month now. Having not played ...
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    Re: One month so far...

    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Dismukes View Post
    I have been on the trumpet comeback trail for one month now. Having not played regularly for about 25 years after stopping in college, I decided I wanted to get serious about practicing and see if I could be more disciplined and become a better player than I was in college. Back then, my lack of progress was discouraging although I always knew it was because I did not practice enough.

    I was gone for over 45 years.

    So, having recently gotten turned back on to my horn, I discovered TM and joined. Pretty soon the posts from regular contributors responding to folks not too different from me inspired me to get to work. Among my weaknesses were lack of range (anything above A above the staff is a challenge and virutally impossible after about 5 minutes of playing!), lack of flexibility, lack of technical ability, just to name the most glaring shortcomings.

    Despite having a busy schedule, I have managed to practice at least an hour every day since Nov. 16. My routine has been to warm-up with long tones and slurs for about fifteen minutes, and then spend the next 45 minutes working on the first 3 Clarke technical studies. My fingering is a disgrace, and I have to slow many of the exercises way down in order to execute them accurately.

    On days where I can get more than an hour in, I spend the rest of the time playing and working on tunes in the Arban book, the Hayden and Hummel concertos, and others. I remember my band director in high school trying to get me to play Fantaisie Brilliant, and how I couldn't even begin to do it, but now I am having fun with it. (Gotta include double- and triple-tonguing to my routine in order to do that last variatiion, though!)

    After only a month I have noticed a marked improvement in the accuracy of my fingering and in flexibility. While there has not been any marked improvement in range, there have been tantalizing hints of improvement to come as some days the high notes have slid out surprisingly easily -- no power, but delicate and clear if my set up is just right. Other days it seems like I have made no progress, but I place my hope in those other days when things are working. I am patiently "waiting for the miracle", as Vulgano would say!

    Rest assured, the range will come, if you use the proper exercises in your personal practice.

    I want to thank everybody on TM. Not having a band to play in,

    Have you explored the possibility of a local Community Concert Band?

    this list has been a huge factor in my progress. It is great to be a part of community that loves the trumpet and is so supportive of hacks like me that are trying to improve. I greatly enjoy reading all of the posts. Without TM I doubt I would have practiced with as much disciplne as I have the last month. I wish I could go back and apologize to my trumpet teachers in college for not practicing then like I should have. I wasn't patient enough the to see any improvement, but I see their words echoed in TM posts.

    I know I need a teacher, but before I run the risk of wasting their time, I want to prove to myself that I can stick to it on my own for a while first. If I maintain my new practicing habit for at least six months, then perhaps I will know I have acquired the necessary discipline. In the meantime, thanks to everybody on TM for your support!

    I am 71 years old and in my third year of being a 'comebacker'. In the last two weeks I have sounded Taps at two churches, played three solos in churches, played in a ten piece brass ensemble at a major sized, ( over 800 singers ), hymnsing, Played two concerts with a local Community Concert Band, and played in a six piece brass ensemble supporting a 32 person charale caroling in each of ten monstrous factories here locally. Oportunities to play abound if we let it be known that we are willing to serve.

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    Re: One month so far...

    oh, and Alan, you shouldn't worry about wasting a teachers time... they get paid regardless!

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    Re: One month so far...

    et mike wrote:
    TM is definately not a "replacement teacher", although it is much cheaper! ;)

    Cheaper if you aren't developing bad habits, more expensive if it leads you to needing more professional guidance and time to correct them. Alan, can't you hook up for just one lesson to establish a "baseline", sort of a pre-flight check?
    Nothing is more contagious or tenacious than music. Once you are exposed it gets inside you and you can never get rid of it. It is also non-discriminating. It can be Ride of the Valkyries, In a Gadda da Vida, the Jeopardy 15 second thinking tune, your most disliked commercial jingle - it doesn't matter. Once triggered, off you go, like it or not.

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    Re: One month so far...

    "I don't take my music lightly, I want it crushed by the horn section."

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    Re: One month so far..., double post, can't play trumpet or work a computer:)
    Alan, I came back after a 28 year lay-off.....been back a little over a year. Surprising how much stuff still rests in your head, I'm reading music again, chops are coming in REAL good, got moderate range, still working on endurance, BUT it does work again! I'm playing in a community band (3rd trumpet thankfully) and the reason for the comeback....playing lead in a local Funk/variety band. Hang in there brother, it'll come to ya!....chuck
    "I don't take my music lightly, I want it crushed by the horn section."

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    Re: One month so far...

    In 1980 I attended Digicon in Vancouver, Canada. It was all about computers and arts; digital animation took 24 hours per frame (on a Cray)MIDI was new, Amigas were hot and there were the first programs to print music (on dot-matrix computers, naturally).

    One interesting presentation was on using the computer to accelerate the artist's learning curve. I don't know if TM was envisioned then, but that is what forums like TM have to offer--not as a substitute for, but an adjunct to. It adds a further dimension to immerse ourselves into.

    As an added bonus, we can even add cool avatars!
    "A tool good enough to be so used and not too good"
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