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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Online Instructors in the General forums; I've been thinking about taking weekly lessons from an online instructor but before I start handing out cash I have ...
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    Online Instructors

    I've been thinking about taking weekly lessons from an online instructor but before I start handing out cash I have a few questions that I would appreciate help with.

    - Are online instructors viable, as in, are they able to show me what I should be doing via a web cam the same (or atleast similar to) an instructor in the physical sense?

    - What is the range of the lesson cost? x$$$-y$$$

    - Who are some good online instructors that might be willing to teach a freshman in high school? A daring task I know!

    Aidan S.
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    Re: Online Instructors

    I take lessons from an online instructor a few times a year, because I feel he has some unique things to offer, which I can't get from a local teacher. However, I use a local person as my regular trumpet teacher. There are just somethings you can't do with a webcam.

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    Re: Online Instructors

    I've had great success teaching web cam lessons. I did have to learn how to use the web cam because it is different. I charge $52.00 for a one hour lesson. I have 30 years experience teaching students your age. You do need a top quality web cam like a logitech 9000 and a fairly fast computer.
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