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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Online radio stations in the General forums; Originally Posted by JackD Originally Posted by dizforprez what i would like to know is if you is it possible ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackD
    Quote Originally Posted by dizforprez
    what i would like to know is if you is it possible to record those?

    the public radio here broadcast all of the Atlanta concerts on line, i would LOVE to find a way to get them on my hard drive.
    If you've got a solid internet connection and the right equipment, you can do the following:

    Put a cable into the line-out jack of your sound card (or where you would plug headphones in), and connect that to a CD recorder / minidisc / etc. You can then burn a CD and import the files as MP3s. As yet I haven't found a way to convert the streams into mp3s directly, but using this method I've recorded some great concerts (quite a few Proms concerts, plus a couple of live LSO / NY Phil broadcasts)

    Hope that helps.
    thanks jack!

    what mini disc recorder do you use for this?

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    At present, I don't - mine broke! Mine was a Sony something - can't remember the model number now. Had it for a few years and it was good, but I dropped it on concrete once too often unfortunately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bourbon City
    I think you will find to be a knock-your-socks-off radio station. It plays mostly trumpet jazz but this is ok, isn' it?

    Back to the top, kids. Special interview this weekend with John Faddis. Some mighty fine stuff playing while we wait for the interview to run (which it should do every 3 hours).

    I have just GOTTA hook up a wireless connection to the house stereo for this stuff. Maybe Santa will be nice if I put the lights back up in Whoville.

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    But then again, it's only a "second tier orchestra" and not part of the "majors", so, you may not be as interested in listening.


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    I noticed that too, although I’m sure he didn’t mean it like it may sound. Besides, the whole “tier” system has very little relation to the skill of the group anymore, and nowadays in my opinion should refer mainly to the orchestra’s budget.

    Example: orchestras of- Houston, Boston, Chicago, Minnesota

    Chicago’s budget (I assume) is bigger than Houston’s or Minnesota’s, but is dwarfed by Boston’s, which is nearly twice as big as Chicago’s.

    But if you go hear all 4 of these groups, I guarantee if you have an open mind, you won’t be able to pick a clear winner. They are all fantastic.

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    I've been thinking about this a lot, but I think I'm going to start a new topic with this one because I think it's biggie.

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