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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Opening up quietly in the General forums; Check to see if you are overlapping your lips. 1. Start you notes with air only. 2. If you can ...
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    Re: Opening up quietly

    Check to see if you are overlapping your lips.

    1. Start you notes with air only.
    2. If you can not get the notes to speak easily, you may have an overlap which will keep you from being able to play softly.

    To correct this, line the upper lip with lower and see if this helps.

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    Re: Opening up quietly

    Is it true that flugel horns have a greater dynamic range? If so does that mean quieter louder or both? I have heard some truly impressive flugel crescendos, they just keep going. Maybe there is something to that. I think some flugelist have trouble with being "smoky" though. My question is, is the smoky sound necessarily a defect, or could it also be an extra nuance? Would the breathiness even be heard 10 feet away, with brushes in the background. I don't know.

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    Re: Opening up quietly

    Singing can be very helpful. Signing the music exactly as your would like to play it. Then, try to recreate that on the horn. The technique will follow the music, most likely. If conceptualization, whisper tones, etc. help, then by all means do them. There's a reason why these things are taught. Also - be kind to yourself. Every time you work on something outside your range (be that tessitura, dynamics, or anything), know that you're already at the limits of what you can do. Sometimes we have to get creative to move on to new challenges, so try to have fun with it.
    Brian Glass

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