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Trumpet Discussion Discuss The other aspect of playing? in the General forums; I have seen numerous posts on various websites for trumpet and very little posts on the other aspect of playing ...
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    The other aspect of playing?

    I have seen numerous posts on various websites for trumpet and very little posts on the other aspect of playing trumpet.

    Mainly my observation so far which in reality not that broad so maybe I missing it somewhere.

    But it seems that forum posts are enamoured with such subjects as:

    1. High Range
    2. Scales
    3. Horns
    4. Various Studies

    Now if I missed it please point the way but seems that posts concerning the mentality of playing are too few and far between.

    In essence how peeps prepare thier mind to practice or perform.
    What mental exercises one goes through.

    I think mental preparation while routine for some and not so routine for others should be talked about more to enhance the level of what I am calling The Aspect of Playing. I don't find much info on this, but of course I also could looking in the wrong place.

    As for me since I have not performed yet since my comeback I do comtemplate before I practice, I try to relax not so much in a physical sense but a mental sense, I close my eyes and try to whipe out all the crap of the day and clean my thoughts, erase my mind until my minds eye sees only black. Then I raise my trumpet and play my first note as pure as possible, no particular note but a note none the less. At which time I open my eyes and see the brightness of the sound.

    Just wondering if any of you has a ritual on the mental side of this endeavor?

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    Re: The other aspect of playing?

    In my case, I also try to wipe everything but the music to be played from my mind and focus on each and every note of that music. In this way I tend to play each note more purely and musically. No matter the tool, it is all music. At The National Music Camp at Interlochen, Mi. I was taught that the definition of music is structured melodic sound that is pleasing to the ear. That is my sole goal when playing the instrument.

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    Re: The other aspect of playing?

    Hi Kraken,
    Yes those aspects are occasionally talked about. People often recommend Kenny Werner's book on Mastery, and I was discussing just recently the importance of attitude when playing lead. Another discussion was about superstition and rituals before playing.

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    Re: The other aspect of playing?

    I think Jonathan Harnum is working on a book called "The Practice of Practice".

    The Practice of Practice

    I have ordered two of his books and both are very good resources.

    Best Wishes,


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    Re: The other aspect of playing?

    Before I start playing I always listen to a piece of music that gives me goosebumps or is full of energy. Often times listening to this stuff at the beginning of the day gives me a sort of high and allows a positive outlook on the rest of the day.

    Listening to beautiful music takes me out of the bad and into the good, simple as that. It is your eternal friend!

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    Re: The other aspect of playing?

    The older I get the more I believe that inanimate objects have a soul too. I especialy feel for musical instruments that arent played and musical pieces that are not played. I like to think about what the composer was conveying to the listener. I wonder if I, or the band is doing justice to the music. I was given a junk trumpet and proceded to waste money getting it repaired to make it playable so it could live again in its purpose. Your right we spend more time on the details than on the zen of music, but horns and mouthpieces are fun too. The old quote is true for trumpet playing, The Devil Is In The Details. Have fun in your music however you aproach it. Best wishes.
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    Re: The other aspect of playing?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Kraken View Post
    Just wondering if any of you has a ritual on the mental side of this endeavor?
    Yeah--I try to play the crap out of whatever is on the stand, kind of a grudge thing, until I truly own it. Then I can get soft and cuddly. Before that point it is a blood sport.
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