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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Oversleep? in the General forums; Hi all. This November I am auditioning for the Bluecoats drum and bugle corps. Considering the skill level of the ...
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    Hi all. This November I am auditioning for the Bluecoats drum and bugle corps. Considering the skill level of the group, the audition material is relatively extensive and difficult, and they get a large turnout of auditionees every year. Due to these factors, I've been practicing the material pretty much daily since this past May. Before, I had practiced usually 4-5 times a week, and now it's uncommon if I DON'T play 7 days a week. Due to my enhanced practice schedule, and the fact that I am playing the audition material every day, I have developed a lot more awareness with my instrument.

    Here's my question; There have been times where I feel that I oversleep. I wake up really late on a weekend and my whole body just feels out of it. (Weird, since you'd think more sleep = better rested) Along with my body, my lips just don't feel right. It's not often at all, but often enough to where I have noticed it. I'm not sure how to explain the lip feeling really.. maybe "rubbery"...and I just can't get them to function how they normally would/ they don't feel normal. At first I thought it was dehydration, but it happens regardless of how hydrated I am, I've made sure of that. This brings me to two other possible factors. Chapstick or oversleeping. I use chopsaver after every practice session and then apply chapstick before I go to bed. I know that this is really kind of a far fetched, and maybe personal issue, but I was wondering if anyone could relate/ had any insight on this? If not, I guess a doctors visit is in my near future, since that would allude to it being a "me" problem. Whether it be oversleeping, chapstick, or something else, it'd be awesome to figure out what's going on here. Thanks!
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    Re: Oversleep?

    I had that same problem a few months ago. I guess it's different for everyone but in my case my chops take a lot more time to warm up if I sleep more than 7/8 hours. I eventually get to the same place but it just takes more time.

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    Re: Oversleep?

    A body in motion stays in motion...
    A body at rest will stay at rest.
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    Re: Oversleep?

    Best of luck with your audition. Remember, they will be looking for more than just how you play the horn. Your willingness to be coached and learn, your desire to be a part of the team, your ability to attend all camps and meet your financial obligations, and your overall positive attitude will all go a long way to helping you get accepted. Let us know how you do - there are a few old drum corps heads hanging around here:))

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    Re: Oversleep?

    The Bluecoats are from my area
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