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Trumpet Discussion Discuss palladium finish in the General forums; I just saw a Van Laar Oiram trumpet, and according to the owner, it had a palladium finish. it looked ...
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    palladium finish

    I just saw a Van Laar Oiram trumpet, and according to the owner, it had a palladium finish. it looked like a darker version of silver.
    Can anyone comment on what it is and how it plays?

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    Re: palladium finish

    Finish doesn't affect the sound of an instrument unless you have really thick lacquer (and even so not that much,) or some sort of coating like paint, so I will go ahead and say that the horn plays the same as it would in gold or silver.
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    Re: palladium finish

    Here is the poop on palladium:

    It can be beaten leaf thin (making it great for lead trumpet mouthpieces ).
    I would be concerned that it is attacked by nitric and sulfuric acid. Considering the food I get sometimes on tour, the horn could look like trash pretty quickly..................

    The Oiram (Mario backwards) is van Laars statement about how heavier trumpets should sound and play. Erik Veldkamp goes into pretty good detail here: My Instruments
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