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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Peashooter and high range? in the General forums; I'm a come-back player (played 40 years ago, picked it up again a month or so ago). I understand that ...
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    Peashooter and high range?

    I'm a come-back player (played 40 years ago, picked it up again a month or so ago). I understand that high range is more the player than it is the equipment -- but that doesn't stop us shopping for equipment!

    Anyway, way back when I used to play, I could pretty never much hit a consistent high-C above the staff without a lot of struggle (usually because my lip would be shot after the half-time show -- that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!). When I recently started up again, I could hit the C pretty consistently -- but still have to work for it.

    Anyway, I recently picked up a couple of old "peashooter" horns (A Conn 94B and a Kingston stencil). I was surprised to find I could not only easily walk up to the high C with every little effort (even using the cruddy mouthpieces that came with the horns), but could even continuing playing an entire scale an octave higher to hit the double C (although had to work a little for it)!

    I haven't seen any mention of this peashooter characteristic before -- anyone experience something similar?

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    Re: Peashooter and high range?

    Are they small bore horns? I'm a come-backer too and found that my '23 Holton (quite a tight wrap, almost pea-shooter) and the '37 Conn 22B are the easiest to play, particularly above the staff. I think that they're both .439" bore. The other thing that these horns have is a step-less mouthpiece receiver, there is no "gap" to get right or wrong.

    I just checked out my only true peashooter, pictured below. It's branded "Grand Rapids" and is of fairly ordinary quality that usually lives in the trunk of my car as a standby party horn - similar bore to the other two horns, but certainly not as accurate and easy to play higher stuff.

    BTW, welcome to TM. I hope you learn as much or even more than I have from the esteemed inhabitants of this forum!

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    Re: Peashooter and high range?

    I own a Conn 40B. It is very, very bright sounding trumpet. It is uncomfortable to hold compared to a more open wrap. It seems to help a little in the range department but it is almost an obnoxious sound. One band leader said it was too bright to be in his band! Great for solo / rock band stuff though.
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