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Trumpet Discussion Discuss The Pencil Excercise in the General forums; YouTube - The Pencil Exercise for trumpet players Anyone ever tried this? Effective? Not effective?...
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    The Pencil Excercise

    YouTube - The Pencil Exercise for trumpet players

    Anyone ever tried this? Effective? Not effective?

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    Re: The Pencil Excercise

    Thanks for the YouTube link. I knew about the Pencil Exercise but never saw it done. Even better, I'm enjoying all the other trumpet videos!............tom

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    Re: The Pencil Excercise

    I'm not a huge fan of the pencil exercise, but please, please don't let the chin colapse when practicing it!
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    Re: The Pencil Excercise

    Eric says it all. Great video.

    Do like Eric says, "Try it, you may like it." It works for me, particularly when I'm traveling.

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    Re: The Pencil Excercise

    If I am on the road for a couple of days where I absolutely cannot play, the pencil is it! But only then.
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    Re: The Pencil Excercise

    for the pencil exercise ( and pedal tones) the response is mixe. Some people swear by it, some people would never, ever try it, for others it has no effect. Bottom line, try it, if it works, use it, if it doesn't don't do it.

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    Re: The Pencil Excercise

    It works well for me. I use it when I'm stuck in traffic for an hour.
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