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Trumpet Discussion Discuss The perfect embouchure in the General forums; The best sound these horns make is in a woodchipper...
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    Re: The perfect embouchure

    The best sound these horns make is in a woodchipper

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    Re: The perfect embouchure

    Hi Rowuk,
    Thanks for the explaination. While I don't see myself advocating such a method, its good to know why some people do it.

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    Re: The perfect embouchure

    Quote Originally Posted by Markie View Post
    Hi Rowuk,
    Thanks for the explaination. While I don't see myself advocating such a method, its good to know why some people do it.
    the real point is to play into the real resonant center of the horn. Most players that I have met, pro or amateur have to relax more to do this. The players most likely to be VERY close are the ones that practice yoga, Felgenkrais, Alexander or something similar to get us in tune with our bodies.

    Reducing waste of energy gives us more to pump into the musical experience.
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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    Re: The perfect embouchure

    Is that a Monette thing?
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    Re: The perfect embouchure

    If I remember properly, in the Phil Farkas book about embouchures, there were pictures of various types of embouchures from various players.
    Some so called "experts" stated that some of the embouchures were absolutely wrong and needed immediate correction for that player to be any good at all.
    The problem with their statements was that the pictured embouchures were of world class players, including Chicago Symphony members. I guess those gentlemen would have been so much better with a "perfect" embouchure.
    Rowuk hits it right on the button. Tension leads to poor breathing which results in mediocre performance. Not necessarily a Monette thing - Maynard did yoga for years, as did others - but the key to playing any wind instrument is air flow (wind) and musical thoughts (song) in your head.
    Folks need to get their heads out of their mouthpieces and horns closet. There ain't no magic mouthpiece or magic horn.
    Breathe, listen to great players, and learn to play efficiently.
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