Hi all;

After getting requests for years to do phone lessons; I was finally convinced by a series of questions someone asked me.

He asked me how efficient I thought phone lessons were compared to being in person.

He then asked me how efficient was taking no lesson at all; because since he couldn't come here that was the only choice I had left him.

Then he asked how often out of state students came in for lessons? And said that with phone lessons we could do checkup, tune-ups and follow ups on a much more regular basis. After all the real expense of the lessons was in travel and hotels....

Well that made me think more about phone lessons.

I picked up a conference phone with multiple duplex microphones, a dual cone 8" speaker, auto sound level adjustment (so when the student stops talking and starts playing it doesn't blast and distort) and even jacks to patch it though a recorder, computer or even my stereo.

I then gave some freebies to friends of mine to get my mindset into it properly.

So now I am announcing that I do offer phone lessons.

Info is available here http://www.bbtrumpet.com/phone.html

Please email [email protected] and we can set a time for me to call you.

(That way the phone call is free.)