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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Picc Mouthpiece in the General forums; I normally use a 70c Laskey, and find that the Bach 7DW works well for me, and for many others ...
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    Re: Picc Mouthpiece

    I normally use a 70c Laskey, and find that the Bach 7DW works well for me, and for many others as well.

    It's a very individual choice , of course.
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    Re: Picc Mouthpiece

    If it works use it eh?

    I play the Monette 4S series mouthpieces and when I played Alex's Picc it was on her 10 1/2 C mouthpiece. Worked like a charm!
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    Re: Picc Mouthpiece

    For me, selection of a good piccolo mouthpiece involves a trick. The trick is twofold:

    1) the cup must be shallower but not so shallow that it inhibits the vibration of the top lip. especially and

    2) the rim must be able to support the embouchure during sustained playing in the upper register.

    So, a comfortable rim that allows flexibility and comfort plus a cup that allows the lips to vibrate.

    After all that, it must be in tune and the sound as pleasant as a piccolo can give. Avoid that squeaky soprano sax sound. There are many fine players of the piccolo past and present but my favorite sound remains Maurice André's. I can't imagine it any better than that. The mouthpiece he used for quite a while was a Selmer that was quite heavy (compared to mouthpieces of the day). It was also double-cupped like a Parduba.


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