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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Picc/ part for Stars and Stripes in the General forums; Does anyone know if the piccolo part from Stars and Stripes has been transcibed for A picc.? I need a ...
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    Picc/ part for Stars and Stripes

    Does anyone know if the piccolo part from Stars and Stripes has been transcibed for A picc.? I need a copy for an upcoming performance with a Brass Band. If so where could I get it?

    Thank y'all for the help, I got it!

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    I wouldn't recommend it for A piccolo - if you are playing the brass band versions I have played, Bb piccolo will put you in a much nicer key (although Eb soprano cornet is even nicer).
    I have a version somewhere for Bb piccolo - but I have only ever played it on an Eb - so much easier.

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    I wouldn't try it on A-picc.. It's ok on Bb picc..
    The easiest is on Eb Soprano Cornet. I've also done it on Eb trumpet.
    With the brass band Eb Cornet would be most the most appropriate.

    As far as transposing it, there are a few websites with a midi version of Stars and Stripes so I have in a pinch used that. I have a program called Midinote that will take a midi and convert it to sheet music.


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    I've played it on Bb picc and it was still pretty difficult, but the key wasn't as bad as A. It'd be worth transposing to Bb if you only have the A part. Haven't tried the Eb yet, sorry.

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    If you are playing it with a Brass Band (and it depends on the key or course)... it sits nicely on the Eb.

    Phil and Kevin: Have you guys had a chance to try it on the Eb yet?

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