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Trumpet Discussion Discuss piccolo and mouthpieces in the General forums; Any comments on using the 14a4 as a piccolo mouthpiece? chuck...
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    piccolo and mouthpieces

    Any comments on using the 14a4 as a piccolo mouthpiece?

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    Re: piccolo and mouthpieces

    They work reasonably well, although not my favorite. A lot of people out there are using them on piccolo. Schilke makes a 14ax that is essentially the same with a piccolo backbore. But I think it's only available in a cornet shank.


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    Re: piccolo and mouthpieces

    My experience using old-school lead mouthpieces on piccolo have not sounded pretty, however, if you sound great on a 14a4, then by all means play it!
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    Re: piccolo and mouthpieces

    I play a (new school) New York Stage 1 mp with my Selmer piccolo. It works fine and for me I like the sound better than the (old school) Schilke 13a4A or 14a4A giving a bigger and darker sound. However, to each their own.

    Oh, I am old school trained but a new school supporter. This my 50th year playing the cornet and trumpet.
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    Re: piccolo and mouthpieces

    I used a 14a4A on picc for a while. When I listen to some of the tapes of performances on that mouthpiece I cringe just a little. My tone using that mp was bright to the point of being shrill. As a result, I was being asked to play softer and softer. Those tapes show my intonation suffering, as well, but that may not have been the mouthpiece.
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