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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Piccolo range in the General forums; Does range on a trumpet relate to piccolo ? For example I can play up to a high d on ...
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    Piccolo range

    Does range on a trumpet relate to piccolo ? For example I can play up to a high d on trumpet ( written)should I be able to play a written high d on piccolo? A search did not help

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    Re: Piccolo range

    Generally our range is the same regardless of instrument. What our face and body has earned is what is possible.

    That being said, we can often play longer up high if we work with the instrument instead of against it. We need a special sound concept for the higher pitched horns. That is not found printed in the instruction manual delivered with the horn.

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    Re: Piccolo range

    Even if playing a Bb part on a Bb piccolo the octave transposition still causes problems. We tend to think low and play a C in the staff like middle C. Sometimes this will even cause a drop in range.
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    Re: Piccolo range

    Maybe, maybe not. Picc. requires a different attitude than a regular Bb. I tend to describe playing a picc. as requiring finesse while you can muscle up and power your way to the high notes on a Bb. For me, trying to power my way through the upper range on a picc. causes it to shut down. My usual advise is to learn how to back off and let the characteristics of the horn work for you. After that the range on both horns should be approximately the same.
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    Re: Piccolo range

    Yes, your range should be the same. The picc is an octave lower on the overtone series, so you may well play a little cleaner up there on the picc, but it won't magically give you more range.
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