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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Piccolo Trumpet Advice in the General forums; I always find that i imagine the air sitting higher in my body when playing piccolo. Works for me......
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    Re: Piccolo Trumpet Advice

    I always find that i imagine the air sitting higher in my body when playing piccolo. Works for me...
    Adrian Kelly
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    Re: Piccolo Trumpet Advice

    Quote Originally Posted by Bach81 View Post
    I have just recievied a decent Piccolo Trumpet and have just started playing.I could use any advice though on playing it (I do have the basics down like tuning the darn thing and fingerings). Thanks in advance.
    Scales, scales, and more scales :) But in a smart way...

    One possibility is to play a low F (1st and 4th valve, assuming you have a 4 valve picc).

    Then slowly, low F, G, F - rest
    Then: F, G, A, G, F - rest
    Then: F, G, A, Bb, A, G, F - rest

    Continue up as far as is *comfortable* Your comfortable range will extend over time.

    If you practise let's say 60 minutes/day in total, spend no more than about 15mins on piccolo.

    Always finish your piccolo practise with some low, soft tones, then go back to the Bb (or C) and practise any one of the 1st 1 - 3 Clarke studies - slowly and softly to rest, and prepare the embouchure for the following day.

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