Hi: A while back, I would say as little as 5 years ago, Chinese horns ( the middle and low priced trumpets were made on the shoddy side. But over time they have really come up in quality. Especially Berkeleywind. I know alot of people will not agree with my statements but they are very well built for the price you are paying. I've been playing since 1960. I've played in Naval , Air Force and Army music programs (Graduate of the Armed Forces School of Music) ,I've Played in 2 fine college bands, I've been a part of world class national Doo Wop Rock Groups. I've owned and played almost every top notch horn out their and in my HUMBLE opinion, Berkeleywind Trumpets , including their piccolos can finally stand along side their peers. Remember, It's NOT how much you pay for a horn, I'ts How much it stacks up and PLAYS for you. GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND AND HAPPY TRUMPETING. Let us all make a JOYFULL NOISE!!