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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Picking It Back Up in the General forums; OK pay attention!! I've taught a number of comback players with success. I need to talk to you as I ...
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    Re: Picking It Back Up

    Quote Originally Posted by Rakkeyal View Post
    My girlfriend plays the violin, and her sister just recently started to pick up the Saxophone, and all this musical air has gotten me to miss my old trumpet days.

    However, for lack of a better word, I suck. It's been 5 years since I've loyally practiced my trumpet. (ignoring the few times I was a little tipsy)

    I don't have any practice booklets left, I have no idea where my old high school practice books went, and have no material.

    Playing scales is getting annoying.
    Any pointers on how to re-pick up my old instrument, and any stuff for me to practice with?
    A Hymnbook is a great place to get 500 easy tunes to get restarted!

    I think for the person getting back in to the instrument, long tones, scales and slurs are "enough" routine. Tunes are the reason that we play and that should be a major part of rewarding yourself. So much of making music has LITTLE to do with the technical side.

    MUSIC feeds the soul. Make sure it is a big part of your comeback.
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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