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Trumpet Discussion Discuss pimping out my horn in the General forums; Ok, so last night I wanted to try some of these great suggestions here on TM. I've got a King ...
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    pimping out my horn

    Ok, so last night I wanted to try some of these great suggestions here on TM. I've got a King Silver Flair (1991) and an Asymmetric 3C+544 mpc. first I tried the tape around the mpc to change the leadpipe length and make the horn slot better. But it got worse -- I had mid range slotting problems (F-High C). I tried several different lengths in increments of about 1/4" (bout 6 mm for you metric people)- to extend the length to about 3/4" ( to about 19mm). NONE seemed to help.

    Then I tried putting dimes in the bottom caps of the valves (The King Silver Flair is already heavy enough) - 1 dime each in the valve caps -- then 2 dimes in each -- so for 60 cents -- I couldn't find any improvement in slotting or sound (in my opinion).

    Lastly -- I "unpimped" the horn -- recalling that rowuk mentioned that "pimping the horn" didn't make up for actual practice -- then I practiced on what is apparently the "BEST" setup for my horn. The manufactured horn "as is" with an Asymmetric mpc "as is".

    maybe I should put a pencil in my mouth -- but I can't get ANY slotting with that method, and virtually NO sound. LOL, lol,

    for all the Horn Pimpers out there -- I'm glad it works for you.

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    Re: pimping out my horn

    I tried an asymeteric mpc about eight months ago thinking it could be the magical solution but found it wasnt for me. It works for some wishes to you. I found that the best stuff fo pimping out the horn is at a website called MOUTHPIECE EXPRESS. They have the coolest valve buttons, top and bottom caps, and can custom engrave your mpc and replate too. I'm all for keeping the instrument stock, but a little personal flair is just my style. Check it out.
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