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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Pivot Method? in the General forums; I hate to argue with you, Manny but in my experience, embouchures are like underwear. I know what I like ...
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    Re: Pivot Method?

    I hate to argue with you, Manny but in my experience, embouchures are like underwear. I know what I like and what works for me but I would be very hesitant to generalize and make recommendations for anybody else. YOU may not pivot nor need to but the guy next to you might beed a real flagwaver pivot.

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    Re: Pivot Method?

    Whether or not somebody "needs" to or not, is based on the big picture. Pivoting changes playing parameters in a predictable way. If we can get the same results with a different combination of things (better trumpet / mouthpiece match, different leadpipe or a more relaxed approach to playing, for instance) it takes away the NECESSITY of a pivot.
    Whether one even wants to change is a moot point. Professional players generally do not mess with success even if the probability of betterment is great!
    I agree with Manny, it is not NECESSARY to pivot to get the range and endurance unless other physical parameters of playing make this compensation necessary.
    The advantages of not pivoting (consistent air flow, consistent attack, are also very clear to me - but only when the big picture is complete. We all know what trouble an embouchure or mouthpiece change can cause.........
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    Re: Pivot Method?

    I have an overbite. I also have some protruding teeth issues. I do not (consciously at least) use the pivot system. I try, actually, to maintain a consistent horn angle. It isn't something I really pay that much attention to when playing.

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    Re: Pivot Method?

    It looks like none of the Reinhardt students have found this thread yet - (I am not one, but have had some instruction from one). While the term 'pivot' is often used to refer to tilting the bell of the horn up or down, it's important to point out that in Doc Reinhardt's Pivot System, the pivot refers to movement -- often very slight and subtle -- of the mouthpiece and chops over the teeth -- this movement can be millimeters (or fractions thereof, I suppose) as one ascends and descends, and may not be consciously noticed by the player. It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the angle of the bell moving around. Unfortunately, a lot of people confuse Reinhardt's insightful observation of playing mechanics with waving the bell around -- as if the more extreme the waving, the better. That's the last thing that advocates of the real "Pivot System" want to see in playing.

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