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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Pivot question in the General forums; Does anyone push their jaw out when descending and then bring their jaw back in and angle the trumpet down ...
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    Pivot question

    Does anyone push their jaw out when descending and then bring their jaw back in and angle the trumpet down when ascending into the upper register?

    This makes in inconsistency for me around a top line f to a g siting on the staff.

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    Re: Pivot question

    Yeah i do, very slightly, then straighten up around second line g, probably a bad habit, i've never had a lesson.

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    Re: Pivot question

    Used to until maybe 7 years ago or so when I learned that several accomplished players, including Manny L.,
    discourage people from using a pivot.
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    Re: Pivot question

    Watched a trumpet clinic that Maynard was giving. He stated that in the lower register, he actually dropped his jaw for the low notes. Not going to argue with the Boss.
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    Re: Pivot question

    If I don't drop my jaw a lot I can't get the low notes...but when I do I can get really low and ugly.

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    Re: Pivot question

    I don't and I don't teach it.
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