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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Plan of action after a long break in the General forums; Originally Posted by Do any if you (especially come-backers) have ideas for a plan of attack for getting my ...
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    Re: Plan of action after a long break

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Do any if you (especially come-backers) have ideas for a plan of attack for getting my chops back after four years off? I know how to read music, remember where all the notes are on the face and under the fingers. I never got fancy on trumpet, could never get very far into Arban. But I could keep up in marching band. I did get quite a bit further in French horn, but that stuff doesn't really carry over.

    I would like to be good enough to hold my own in third or fourth book in a community band or play melody lines and easier arrangements of jazz standards, as an intermediate goal. I know to work on buzzing, long tones, scales, arpeggios. Anything else I should or should not do besides just play the horn? I've got lots of sheet music that includes vocal melody lines so I can run through those to get "air time." I know the main thing is to just get the horn to my face and play! If it would ever arrive...

    i hope I'm not asking too many questions. I'm excited and I'm off for the holidays so I have nothing else to do while I wait for the horn to come. :), if I can make a comeback after a 40+ year lapse and persistently continue through all my aging, health and dental issues ... I know of nothing that prevents your comeback accomplishment. However, despite all the glory marketing hype, clean and lubricate your just recently acquired pre-owned trumpet. You're getting an Olds Ambassador? While mine aren't as fancily refurbished as Gmonady's, they both play well and are primary trumpets I use to demonstrate with in my tutoring sessions. likes this.

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    Re: Plan of action after a long break

    I have recommendations of two books. Coincidence that they come from the same publisher.

    Cichowicz Long Tone Studies Balquhidder Music

    Bai Lin Lip Flexibilities Balquhidder Music

    Start easy, do what you can, and play a little more the next week. Also pay attention to what Robin says.

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    Re: Plan of action after a long break

    Whenever feasable, in the acquisition of a preowned brass instrument, I do recommend that such be first ultrasonically cleaned by a competent musical repair technician.
    That said, if one cleans their own, there are does and don'ts one should know. Essential, is not to get the felts and corks of your valves wet! Another is to use only a cleaning snake that has a resin cover.

    Keep valves in same sequence that you removed them. I set them in three clear glasses filled with detergent only to the level of the valve but below the felts and corks.

    Dawn brand dishwashing detergent is what I use to give my dissassembled intrument a bath in warm, but with water not hotter than would be used to give an infant a bath but let it soak for up to an hour before brushing with the cleaning snake or wiping with microfiber rags. Rinse in clear water at least twice and then again with 91% isopropryl alcohol (the germ killer, per Dr. G.M. Onady, M.D.)

    As you re-assemble, lubricate with valve oil and slide greases. likes this.

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    Re: Plan of action after a long break

    You could always remove the corks & felts. My horn doesn't actually have any corks (there are six felts, two on each valve with one inside and one outside), but as long as you have a gentle, steady hand, the corks will come off.

    Just make sure you know where to get replacements if you try it.
    Blessing ML1-G

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    Re: Plan of action after a long break

    I got it I got it I got it! I will post pics in Vintage soon. :) already updated my signature. Needs lubrication.
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