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Trumpet Discussion Discuss playalong books in the General forums; hey was wondering if there are any decent play along trumpet books out there. maybe ones which have songs from ...
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    playalong books


    was wondering if there are any decent play along trumpet books out there. maybe ones which have songs from various genres. im still only a beginner, my range so far is up to F an the top stave line.


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    Re: playalong books

    You might want to take a look at "Music Minus One". I believe they come with a recording as accompanyment.

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    Re: playalong books

    Well, the James Bond 007 collection book has a cd of all of the songs in it, if that's what you mean. I got that a few years ago :) Mostly my interests have changed since then.

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    Re: playalong books

    Hal Leonard has a lot of play-along books which come with CD. There are also some classical type books -- there is an edition of Concone Lyrical Etudes published by Editions BIM which has a neat accompaniment CD with it.

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    Re: playalong books

    I can recommend all my playalong books published by de Haske/Hal Leonard, more info on my website...

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