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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Players who overcame in the General forums; Never knew trumpet could be so dangerous.......
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    Re: Players who overcame

    Never knew trumpet could be so dangerous....
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    Re: Players who overcame

    Tom has had to overcome devastating mental issues to play trumpet.
    Tom Harrell interview w/ Arun Rath | Sound Tracks Quick Hits | PBS - YouTube

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    Re: Players who overcame

    How could anyone forget ol' Gmonady? He overcame an unfortunate marching accident that imprinted his chops with a 10.5C and look at him now!
    "There are two sides to a trumpeter's personality: there is the one that lives only to lay waste to the woodwinds and strings, leaving them lying blue and lifeless along the swath of destruction that is a trumpeter's fury; then there's the dark side...." --Michael Stewart

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    Re: Players who overcame

    well not exactly a trumpet recovery, but I smashed 4 fingers on my right arm and cme back even better than I ever was -I play piano as my first instrument, trumpet is my second, and guitar third

    I was closing (actually smashing them in anger) the doors on my car and the fingers just stuck between the door and teh chassis -I had to open the door to pull my fingers out. I had broken bones and swellings, but thankfully joints were undamaged. had the joints been damaged I wonder if I would ever play anything. Maybe only trumpet.

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