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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Playing in a band in the General forums; Not ever having heard you play, I can only offer some general stuff. When we stand in front of a ...
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    Re: Playing in a band

    Not ever having heard you play, I can only offer some general stuff.

    When we stand in front of a group and have to give a class, lead a brainstorming session, make a product presentation, we first of all need a common language with our "audience", we need command of the subject and finally, we need routine to make a fluent delivery. If any of the pieces are missing, the event will not go well.
    When in a band, we have a couple of additional factors. We communicate best with instruments that are not using the same space that the trumpet has - that means range, tone and style. That space should also have separate "licks"/patterns to best distinguish between the chorus events.

    Playing with a guitar can be a very daunting experience as they have many traits that can collide even with a very experienced trumpet player. Their technique of moving between chords can strongly interfere with our chorus patterns. If they like to play arpeggiated chords, we can have a hard time hearing the form. Piano players are generally more experienced at direct accompaniment. They tend to lay down a cloud that we can ride.

    The only solution is dedicated time with the guitar player. Both have something to learn!
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    Re: Playing in a band

    I would take a look at this website.

    Jazz Improvisation techniques, tips, & inspiration -

    They have written a lot of great articles directly related to what you really need to know to be able to improvise. The articles expand on much of the advice you have received in this thread and answer some of the "how do I practice" questions.

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    Re: Playing in a band

    Here are Rafael Mendez and Laurindo Almeida. Trumpet and guitar.
    There are other cuts from this album where Mendez does some improvising.
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