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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Playing other instruments. in the General forums; An F mellophone can easily overpower 4 Bb trumpets. My marching F mellophone is a Yamaha. Once in a while ...
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    Re: Playing other instruments.

    An F mellophone can easily overpower 4 Bb trumpets. My marching F mellophone is a Yamaha. Once in a while I sneak in an adapter to play my old Farkas FH mpc. Still doesn't have the lilt of a true FH. I often squeak on woodwinds also, but our daughter doesn't since she learned to play them very well.

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    Re: Playing other instruments.

    If you can sound Taps please take a few minutes and check out this site.
    Bugles Across America > Home

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    Re: Playing other instruments.

    Quote Originally Posted by ButchA View Post
    Playing other instruments? Hmmm... (takes a look around the spare room/music room/ aka "man cave")

    1) Artley flute (my daughters old school band flute, which I learned to play)
    2) Bundy clarinet (my other daughters old school band clarinet, which I also learned to play, but I squeak a little)
    3) FE Olds marching Mellophone (my daughter (#1 above) semi-pro musician, music teacher, etc...) bought it from a school she teaches at and had it cleaned up. Weird instrument in the key of F but plays with regular trumpet fingerings. It's odd... it's not like a trumpet, it's not like a euphonium, it's kind of in between, like a VERY LOUD french horn
    4) My old Conn Director trombone
    5) My Yamaha 12string acoustic guitar
    6) My Ibanez mandolin
    7) My grandmother's old, heirloom, violin from the early 1910's (she was a concert violinist in NY City way back in the day)
    8) My Samick 4 string electric bass
    9) My Fender Stratocaster electric guitar
    10) Misc (sitting on bookshelf next to guitar amp): C harmonica, kazoo, and a cheap plastic recorder in C
    11) My faithful old Holton Collegiate trumpet
    12) My silver pocket trumpet made by Jean Baptiste (i.e. Sam Ash music store brand)

    ....not in music room....
    13) My daughters (the music teacher) $5000 wickedly expensive, top notch, professional french horn (which she won't let me play!)
    14) Our (both daughters & myself - wife doesn't play music) Yamaha 76-key electronic keyboard/synth/workstation
    15) My daughters (the music teacher) Takamine 6 string acoustic guitar
    If all those instruments were animals you would call the collection a ZOO.
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    Re: Playing other instruments.

    If memory serves correctly, c. 1948 Osgood came up with a 3 dimensional paradigm showing possitive and negative effects (transfer of training) of one task upon another. It might help.

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    Re: Playing other instruments.

    Quote Originally Posted by barliman2001 View Post
    If all those instruments were animals you would call the collection a ZOO.
    LOL... Thanks. The only thing missing from my collection is a sax (which I also know how to play). My daughters (both of them) played sax in school band. They (like me) became versatile and multi-instrumentalists and played "musical chairs" in the school band.

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    Re: Playing other instruments.

    My meager list:
    Yamaha upright piano, ca. 1980s
    Casio LK-50 keyboard
    Hohner alto melodica
    Ludwig "bell kit" made in Taiwan
    Pearl AshTone wood block
    Toca cowbell
    "The Musica man is a Conn man"

    2002-5 Yamaha 6310Z trumpet
    2008-11 Conn-Selmer King 1117SP trumpet
    1996 UMI Musica 96T pocket trumpet (KHS-Jupiter stencil, Taiwan)
    1972-9 Conn 24A flügelhorn (Willson stencil, Switzerland)
    1966 Conn 5A Victor cornet
    1960s Musica Steyr–Austria tuning-bell cornet (Amati-Kraslice stencil, Czechoslovakia)

    Thanks to Reedman1 for profile image help

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