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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Playing in the Red in the General forums; Well I will like to know more about playing on the "red" of the Lip. I play where the mark ...
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    Playing in the Red

    Well I will like to know more about playing on the "red" of the Lip. I play where the mark of my mouthpiece is on the red of the upper lip. Is this ok, good, bad. Some people say is good others is bad. Any suggestion or advice is welcome.

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    I have to believe that embouchures are made up of a variety of components and that isolating one aspect of an embouchure won't give you all the information. That is, a person who doesn't have a fleshy lip will have different results playing on the red than a person who does have a meatier lip.

    My second player in Seattle played in the red and had a beautiful sound. He didn't have a super high range but was able to do the job. When we played Mahler 2nd he never missed the high C because he was smart: he used the D trumpet for that passage. I've heard people play in the red that sounded terrible and never got anywhere.

    Gerry Scwharz also played much lower down on the top lip than any successful trumpeter I've ever seen. I believe that the length of the teeth and relative straightness of same are yet another component. That's why there are exceptions to the rules we establish, I guess.

    Jerome Ashby, who plays with the associate horn with the Philharmonic, has very full lips but when he plays they all but disappear because of the way he's rolled them in since I knew him in junior high school.


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    Thank you for your feedback. I have fleshy lips and I think by what you said is one in my favor. My endurance is ok, on the regular range(from low C to at list high B), I don't have a supper range (from B to at least a D) and is hard for me sometimes to articulated with a ligth tong specially fast passeges, my flexibility is good but what I concider to be my problem is my sound. I am not sure is that because of my lips, tong, or lack of good air support.
    Thank You
    Take care

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