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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Playing the tuba in the General forums; Does anyone know how easy the tuba is to pick up as a trumpet player? Thx...
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    Re: Playing the tuba

    Depends. Embouchure is a bit different. Corners of your mouth have to relax a little to keep contact with a larger mouthpiece. I play Tuba Christmas every year and it's fun. One does get a bit light headed after playing tuba for 3 hours though!

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    Re: Playing the tuba

    my family all play instruments due to my parents being pro's. my brother is a tuba player and, because theres one in the house, i sometimes have a quick blow on it. not the same at all. i can get a note out of it but your whole facial shape is different. why are you asking this? thinking about swapping or playing trumpet and tuba at the same time?

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    Re: Playing the tuba

    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    Does anyone know how easy the tuba is to pick up as a trumpet player?

    It depends on the weight of the tuba and the fitness of the trumpet player.

    The real question is "Why would you want to?"
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    Re: Playing the tuba

    i took lessons on tuba for a semester, it greatly improved my breathing. its a whole new level of air usage. embrochure was bigger, same concepts but instead of part of your lip vibrating its your whole face, or it feels like it anyways.

    i randomly pick up the tuba after a long practice session to really relax and warm down.

    all in all, its fun

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    Re: Playing the tuba

    ... And some people walk on coals. I'll stick to the trumpet.
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    Re: Playing the tuba

    Quote Originally Posted by Solar Bell View Post
    It depends on the weight of the tuba and the fitness of the trumpet player.

    The real question is "Why would you want to?"
    Dang, you beat me to that one!
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    Re: Playing the tuba

    In high school I played french horn in concert band and sousphone in marching band. Switching wasn't a problem for me. Of course, I wasn't very good at either.
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    Re: Playing the tuba

    Initially I was trained on ALL the brass horns, and never found one that was ALL that more difficult. Certainly, some embouchure change is required and the larger the horn the more air required, but I do believe training on the larger horns enhances endurance on the smaller ones. While I just sold my tuba, I still retain mellophone (F), tenor trombone and euphonium. Such, I feel, is why I also feel I have also been able to "make do" with any mpc, and just want to optimize comfort with them. Certainly, it may be that I'm not all that great on any, but I'm certainly enjoying playing any I can get my hands on. Can't wait now to get dental restoration and resume playing which I realize will not instantly mature to my prior capability, but I'll give it a go.

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    Re: Playing the tuba

    I play trumpet and sousaphone semi professionally.
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