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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Polished Brass in the General forums; For those of you that have raw brass horns and want to put a brass shine on them what do ...
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    Polished Brass

    For those of you that have raw brass horns and want to put a brass shine on them what do you use? I've been told "Brasso" is a big no-no and have been using "Never Dull" and a soft cloth but... 1) it's a lot of work and 2) it doesn't last as long as I'd like (see No. 1).

    The horn I have in raw brass is a 1968 Bach Strad 37 w/ a #7 leadpipe, 1930's rounded tuning slide and heavy caps and tops.


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    Re: Polished Brass

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    Re: Polished Brass

    What are you going to do with it after you get it polished? Polished brass horns get lacquered to preserve the shiny finish. If that is what you want... a polished horn, then I would say you should get a pro to do it. They know how to buff a horn and have the right lacquer spraying equipment. If you aren't going to lacquer it then why other polishing... it will just tarnish again quickly. I'd let it patina.

    Flitz is another metal polish that you can get at a hardware store.

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    Re: Polished Brass

    Actually I do leave most of the horn just raw but polish the bell and buff it. Thanks for the suggestions and info.

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    Re: Polished Brass

    I only strip and polish trumpets that have cancerous flaking lacquer. It takes some time to get it beautiful. TAL-STRIP II by mar-hyde for removing lacquer ( can take 2 or 3 applications ) followed by an aggressive water rinse ( like a garden hose on jet ). This stuff is it outside. I use Brasso or Wrights brass polish to get the UGLY stains off. Again wash off entire horn in a warm tube of water and laundry detergent. Seal the finished horn with an auto wax like Mother's Finest. I use MF polymer chrome polish. Look at the Conn 12B that I stripped and cleaned on eBay ( completed listings ). I am Norwaywins. It's on it's way to France tomorrow.
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    Re: Polished Brass

    Ummm...I use Brasso... with paper towel to give it a go over.

    Then a clean terry towel to get the final buff, and use a lycra cloth to wipe over after use.

    Never knew Brasso was so bad for raw brass. I will keep using it as half a bottle remains, and that's about 4 years use with the 2 horns I use it on.

    To make it last longer, use some auto wax for a final buff up.

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    Re: Polished Brass

    WHEN I need to polish oxidized brass, I use brasso too. Unless you are polishing daily with a coarse paper towel, there should be enough brass there to last hundreds of years.

    Personally, I prefer the oxidized brass look and do not try to keep a mega shine on unprotected metals.
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    Re: Polished Brass

    Quote Originally Posted by A.N.A. Mendez View Post

    I've got to second MAAS. I was surprised at how effective it was. It doesn't take a great deal of effort to to get the metal shiny.

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    Re: Polished Brass

    MAAS is great, as is Simichrome. I bought it for my motorcycle, but it does a great job on raw brass and seems very mild.
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    Re: Polished Brass

    PakWaan, is it a Bb or C motorcycle?

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