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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Polishing in the General forums; 1 cubic cm = 1 mL 2.54 cm = 1 in 1 cubic inch = 16.39 cubic cm 1260 cubic ...
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    Re: Polishing

    1 cubic cm = 1 mL
    2.54 cm = 1 in
    1 cubic inch = 16.39 cubic cm
    1260 cubic inches = 20647.7 cubic cm = 20647.7 mL

    approx 20.65 Liters or 21.82 quarts (5.455 gallons)
    sorry for the extra stuff. I find the the conversion easier when I can see the conversions.
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    Re: Polishing

    Quote Originally Posted by dizzyizzy View Post
    Per several posts...HOT water, but NOT boiling...I've always heard IF it gets THAT could loosen a solder joint.

    Common solder, as used in the manufacture of brass musical instruments is composed,( usually ), of 60% lead and 40% tin. The melting point of this type of solder is above 700 degree,F.. Water boils at 212 degrees F. at sea level. I cannot envision any horn comming unsoldered by any amount of boiling water. High pressure steam,'maybe'.

    I "store" my horns in those anti-tarnish bags...while they don't STOP tarnish...they slow it down.

    As for lacquer...TLC, as said...warm bath, good drying and buffing with plain ol cotton.


    The rest of your posting is spot on.

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    Re: Polishing

    Hey, lou.. can you fix your quote tags? I know what you meant to do but it's a little bit confusing (yes I am easily confused)!
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    Re: Polishing

    I have used Hagerty's Silversmith Polish for years on my Silverplated horns and it works great plus it puts a coating on the horn to help prevent tarnish. This is what is used by all the repairmen here as well. Comes in a spray as well as a liquid.

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    Re: Polishing

    Quote Originally Posted by Trumpet guy View Post
    So what you do with gold then?
    A gold plated horn (like my Monette) just gets a soft cloth and some window cleaner.

    Laquer gets window cleaner too. Silver gets the the hot salt water and aluminum foil! I will try sodium carbonate next time though.
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    Re: Polishing

    Sodium Carbonate is a little hard to find in the US. You'll find it in the laundry aisle with the other "laundry additives" like Borax (boracic acid). I bet it may be easier to find in Germany.
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    Re: Polishing

    A good soft cloth to use is "flannel" which you can buy at any fabric store. I just picked up a yard of it today for $2.00

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    Re: Polishing

    Quote Originally Posted by stchasking View Post
    I used one cup in 1260 cubic inches of water. QUOTE]

    Ok, for us Non-chemisty majors..."what" or how much is 1260 cu inches...qt?, 1/2 gal? Gal?


    I measured the plastic tub I used. It is 14 inches wide, 6 inches deep and 15 inches long.
    I think it is marketed as a clothes storage container at Target.
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    Re: Polishing

    I have used Wrights Brass polish with good results on my essentially raw brass horns, the Czech and Besson trumpets and the Getzen cornet. Lately, though I have started using MAAS metal polish, which I think is better. Really removes tarnish leaves a great shine that lasts longer. Also used it on our rack of silver spoons and a couple of old baby cups and am keeping track on how long the tarnish stays away.

    My others are lacquer, so just a wipe with a soft cloth or mild cleaner does the job.
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    Re: Polishing

    Quote Originally Posted by rowuk View Post
    boiling hot salt water with a big piece of aluminum foil. Disassemble, then lay the trumpet (without the valves) in for 30 minutes and shiny it is. Rinse the salt water out, let the horn get BONE DRY, reoil, grease and reassemble. Good to go, no polish on your hands, no removal of silverplate, no easier way to do it yourself!
    I thoroughly agree, when you've got this part completed, try practising while wearing cheap cotton gloves.

    Further polishing should be restricted to a silver polishing cloth (the blue ones). My local electro-plater has told me that the cloth takes off the oxidation but not the silver. Polish after you wash the trumpet, buff with soft cotton (an old tee shirt is good) - DO NOT wash after the polish job because the cloth leaves a protective film that assists in keeping the shine longer.

    Yellow cloths are designed for lacquered instruments - DO NOT use the blue cloth on your lacquered trumpet.

    The gloves work well for silver plated, gold plated, and lacquered instruments BTW.

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