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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Poor wyton in the General forums; I wish him the best of luck....
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    Poor wyton

    "I'm not a fighting man, but I really wasted that cat."- Maynard ferguson

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    He'll be fine!

    I have NO DOUBT Wynton will be just fine! He certainly knows what he is doing.

    I also don't feel too badly for his job scenairo. On the gigs that I play, if I don't play, I don't get paid. Back when I was a lot younger and had some chops problems I couldn't take time off! I had to suck it up and endure any pain, as I had mouths to feed.

    I think it is to Wynton's credit that he has built such a huge name and well deserved reputation as a jazz player (and classical!) that he is in a position to take off the time like anyone in normal job could!

    I certainly wish him well, and expect to see him on the horn again soon! You can't keep a good virtuoso down!


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