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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Popular Bitsch Etude? in the General forums; Howdy all! In my limited audition experience (or lack there of), I've caught on to the popular excerpts, solos, etudes, ...
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    Popular Bitsch Etude?

    Howdy all! In my limited audition experience (or lack there of), I've caught on to the popular excerpts, solos, etudes, etc that are usually asked. I was just wondering if there was a popular Bitsch etude that is typically requested or preferred at auditions. We all know that Charlier's 2nd etude is arguably the most popular and requested etude from that book, just wondering if Bitsch has a "Charlier 2" of its own. Thanks guys!
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    Re: Popular Bitsch Etude?


    I don't think there is a consensus "Charlier 2" equivalent in Bitsch. I've seen a few different ones requested on college auditions, but I can't remember ever seeing one on a pro audition.


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    Re: Popular Bitsch Etude?

    Bitsch Number 2 is a killer etude and will turn heads played at tempo.

    Have fun!
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    Re: Popular Bitsch Etude?

    I have done quite a number of auditions and never seen a Bitsch Etude as a requirement on an audition. It's usually the popular solos Haydn, Hummel, etc. Also the solo piece is not usually on the initial audition.

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    Re: Popular Bitsch Etude?

    Hi Edgar,

    I'm sure that you have some audition experience and don't need to be told what normally appears on a list.

    Please note that etudes aren't composed as performance pieces, but rather as opportunities to transfer fundamentals into technique.

    The Bitsch etudes, like those by Charlier, pose many challanges for the player and are wonderful. Judging by the quality of your 5tet (excellent logo, btw), you've already crossed into this world and are doing well. Work on all of them and enjoy!


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