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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Portland OR Trumpet meetups in the General forums; So...anyone on here who lives near Portland Oregon want to get together, geek out on trumpets, play each other's vintage ...
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    Portland OR Trumpet meetups

    So...anyone on here who lives near Portland Oregon want to get together, geek out on trumpets, play each other's vintage horns, and share ideas and insights?

    I live in Dundee, and am in Portland every other week or more. I'm especially into vintage horns and post bop jazz, but I'd love to meet and geek out with any of you fine folks. Any takers?
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    Re: Portland OR Trumpet meetups

    Let me know. I have some newish Bachs and oldish Holtons
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    Re: Portland OR Trumpet meetups

    Hmm, Portland OR trumpet, I've always heard it was one or the other :)
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    Re: Portland OR Trumpet meetups

    Hey, check out a dude that use to post here and was only a few posts away from Utimate TM Member. Name is Turtlejimmy. He has a most beautiful Olds Recording and lives in Portland, is very knowledgeable on trumpet stuff AND building practice rooms. AND just maybe... if you contact him, you will re-stimulate his interest in posting once again here on TM.
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