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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Positive thought pattern substitutions in the General forums; Trumpet players psyche themselves out at every turn. Happening not only to the amateur but the pros too. The toll ...
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    Positive thought pattern substitutions

    Trumpet players psyche themselves out at every turn. Happening not only to the amateur but the pros too. The toll that it extracts is considerable. Some allow the internal dialogue to squander and/or ruin the careers. Listen for your thoughts. My guess is you've screwed yourself over with these thoughts for years.

    "I need to get the full tone of a huge mouthpiece like the Bach 1"

    To: "Best to play the mouthpiece which matches my skill level and the register of the music I play. To reduce fatigue, clams and increase my enjoyment of the music"

    "Oh my god here comes that high note phrase. The one I butchered in rehearsal"

    to: "What a chance to really drive the band and express myself"

    "I MUST play every note perfectly in that difficult passage"

    To: "Gonna make sure I put plenty of air behind the horn so the phrase will shine through"

    "I need to practice a lot more"

    To: "Going to choose more inspirational charts to play and listen to those trumpet greats I enjoy most. Let the music motivate me"

    "I need to practice a lot more"

    To: "I'm going to make three playing commitments per week in my local community band"

    "I need to practice a lot more"

    To:I will at least play my warm up every day. Allowing my chops and mind to condition itself into thinking that practice isn't such a chore but a joy".

    Conclusion: It's no mistake to put "I need to practice a lot more" on the list three times. The phrase along with any thought containing the word "must" is a negative thought pattern. "Must" puts an unfair burden on the mind and body.

    I'm sure you can add more negative phrases with their logical antidote/change pattern.

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    Re: Positive thought pattern substitutions

    How about, "I WANT to practice a lot more."
    Note to all you lawyers out there...the above statement is merely my opinion, and is not presented as fact, or as any better that anybody else. I am not a pro or a teacher, nor do I claim to be. I do not accept responsibility for any actions taken by anyone reading my comments. For entertainment purposes only.

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    Re: Positive thought pattern substitutions

    Quote Originally Posted by Brad-K View Post
    How about, "I WANT to practice a lot more."
    That's a good one. It covers the motivational matter. For me its all about finding stuff to play that is fun. because if it is enjoyable exercises its not "practice" but music.

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    Re: Positive thought pattern substitutions

    Good post. There's a lot of power in thought and my experience is that, if you tell yourself something enough times, you will believe it, whether it's true or not. "I am a giant sea turtle" didn't work, but a lot of other stuff did.

    For example, I don't get colds. Seriously, I haven't had one for something like 9 years now. After a few years that i noticed I wasn't getting colds, when others were, I started telling people (and myself) that I don't get sick. I don't catch colds. I've been saying that for around 7 years now and it seems to be true (for now).

    Food for thought.

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    Re: Positive thought pattern substitutions

    I once told a Conductor I couldn't play something. He said, ''Dave, you have to be positive!''

    So I said, ''OK. I'm positive I can't play that.''
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    ''I'm nearly as good as I need to be,
    but not nearly as good as I'd like to be".

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    Re: Positive thought pattern substitutions

    I tell myself and my parents (you know just for some positive reaffirmation and all) -- but I say -- WOW!! -- I am a trumpet player. I get a chance everyday to express myself via the trumpet. I say, "how about this, I have each day to play the trumpet" -- I say, "I am a musician, and I am doing my best to be the best that I can be". I learn everyday. Recently I picked up an used Olds Ambassador trombone -- NOW, after nearly 3 months and working diligently, I say -- "imagine this -I can double on the trombone and the trumpet --- this is awesome!!!"
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    Re: Positive thought pattern substitutions

    I think Nike says it best: Just do it!

    Our most amazing functional strength in evolution is to be able to rationalize... It is also are greatest weakness!
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    Re: Positive thought pattern substitutions

    I use "I am prepared" with all of my students. It is all that they need on stage. I want to leaves an excuse open. If possible just do it.
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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