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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Practice Routine in the General forums; I'm going to ask my private lesson teacher about this, but I thought I would aquire some outside imput as ...
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    Practice Routine

    I'm going to ask my private lesson teacher about this, but I thought I would aquire some outside imput as well. What are your ideas of a good practice routine? I get stumped on this all the time. I find myself so ready to practice my trumpet, i find a practice room, and then I'm stumped. I've been playing my trumpet for about eight years now, and i still don't have a set routine and I think i Have deffenently waited too long to ask this question.

    I also am not that strong of a player and have some endurance problems (I think some of this has to be due to me playing so far in the pink).

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Practice Routine

    thoughts??? YES -- keep it simple to develop a routine.
    go through all 12 scales with arpeggios -- use long tones - (at least whole notes, or longer) then do scales in double, then triple tongue, then skip every other note and do it again -- hitting the ones you skipped on the way down.
    slur each valve combination (ie. open, then 1st valve, 2nd valve, 1+2, 2+3, 1+3, 1+2+3)
    that should be a good warmup -- get rest between sets for a few minutes.

    then do more long tones scales (up an octave or 2 if you can)

    rest --- and try to play a few tunes in there to develop musicality -- and your own sound.
    that should get you started ---sounds boring but it will work

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    Re: Practice Routine

    Good question for your teacher, as you said. But it's also nice to know what others do.

    I break down my daily routine into 3 parts of about 30 minutes each.
    1. I work on music (making music is the bottom line).
    2. I work on my chops (lips slurs, placement studies, lyrical studies, tonguing).
    3. I work on technical studies (scale studies, jazz patterns, Clarke).
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    Re: Practice Routine

    All of my students start by getting "in the mood". First come long tones on the mouthpiece then horn, after that, lipslurs, then scales - single, double and triple tongued. That is followed by tunes - music - the reason that we are playing. After the tunes come technical studies. The time is divided up 1/3 preparation, 1/3 tunes, 1/3 technical studies.Anything over 2 hours is dedicated to tunes.
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