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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Practice Schedule in the General forums; Better to practice for longer periods of time, less frequently. Or shorter periods of time, more frequently ?...
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    Practice Schedule

    Better to practice for longer periods of time, less frequently. Or shorter periods of time, more frequently ?

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    Re: Practice Schedule

    That's vague, but likely shorter more frequently. Give your muscles time to relax and develop.

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    Re: Practice Schedule

    I think it would really depend on how long you have been playing or what level you are at.However, as above, always make sure you rest in between practicing.

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    Re: Practice Schedule

    It is necessary to practice long enough to give your body and brain a chance to absorb what you are trying to learn. I think that 20 minutes is really the absolute minimum and with decent practice habits, an hour straight can be extremely productive.
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    Re: Practice Schedule

    There is no absolute time as a rule of thumb. But, here are some guidelines have found by reading everything I could get my hands on. One hour per sitting is enough. Even if you can do more, there are mental focus issues and as my teacher would say "the trumpet is really a mind game." Superimposed or superceeding that rule, when your chops are tired or your lips start getting puffy and you are blowing air, put the horn down and rest for "at least" as long as you have practiced, then start again.

    I hope this helps.

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