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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Practicing with ear plugs in ears??? in the General forums; Originally Posted by Billy B One of the best times to use ear plugs is when we are not playing ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy B
    One of the best times to use ear plugs is when we are not playing the trumpet. When mowing the lawn etc. you should always use hearing protection. Immediately after a loud gig complete silence will help the ears recover. Always have protection with you when attending concerts. Noise cancelling headphones are a must for airline travel. Switching to a clip on mic has helped me a lot as I am able to move around a bit on stage to avoid hot spots.
    I couldn't live without my noise cancelling headphones. They are the best. And if I am not listening to them when I am travelling via airplane, I have earplugs in the entire time. The plane noise alone can drive you nuts.

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    Practicing with Ear plugs in ears???

    Hello. Would like to give a short update. Still need to test this for a good month at least. Let my wife listen to the playing both ways.She has a good ear for pitch and can sing on key very well. She told me there was a slight differance in sound pitch. The interesting fact was I was more on pitch with the ear plugs. I am noticing a improvement. For example: I have a third part in a hymnal coming up in 3weeks. I have a the lead part on CD to play along with. By practicing it awhile with the plugs in. It helps me to hear my weak notes, timing mistake etc. Then I will play without. It seems to be helping me a lot. Like I have said. This could be a placebo thing and may all come crashing down in a couple of weeks like a new m. p. The ear plugs sold at Wal-Mart for swimmers and bathers to keep water out. Seem to mute enough and are soft and comfortable. Brings the sound level down to like you are playing your horn with a mute. And I have checked my notes both ways with a tuner. When I tune the horn to C without plugs on tuner and then plugs. The C is still dead on center. Wish me luck are call me crazy.

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