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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Practicing everyother day. in the General forums; I have always found that instead of focusing just on embouchure strength and rest, it is best (for me at ...
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    Re: Practicing everyother day.

    I have always found that instead of focusing just on embouchure strength and rest, it is best (for me at least) to focus on having a proper balance between air support and embouchure strength. If the chops are getting tired faster than I think they should, I focus attention to my breath support. After a while it becomes second nature to balance and not fight them. The tone should tell the story. If the sound is very airy, or lacking depth, I try to focus the air better, if it is too "fat" and there is no brilliance to it, maybe put more air into the instrument. I find that for the chops to work properly for me, it is all about the balance.
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    Re: Practicing everyother day.

    Wow! Pretty good thread. To reiterate, I am in my 73rd year, 6-7 years recovered, and rest is what it is all about. Can I still get through a big band concert of two, 45-min sets? Yes. Am I dogged at the end? Yes. Can I get through 3 big-band, dance band sets? Yes. Again dog tired. Should I want more than this? I don't think so! So, I think it important to decide what level one is going to be satisfied with. For me, an oldster, I am happy to maintain what I have and an hour or so a day gives that to me. But I still have to consider how I practice (as everyone above has mentioned), and I still find that with continued daily practice, I sometimes need to take a day off. It is, after all, just another muscle group that needs to be carefully looked after and needs time to recover.

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