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Hey guys I've been wanting to really improve my playing. I went from bad to 2nd best trumpeter at my school from freshman to sophomore year but now I've pretty much stagnated ( due to lack of controlled practice). Now I've been inspired by several players, but the most peculiar to me is Rafael Mendez.

after listening to his Moto Perpetuo ( My God) I started researching him and it is rumored that some days he would practice over 12 hours, and to the max 18 ( not sure if I believe 18 but w.e.)

Moto Perpetuo performed by Rafael Mendez - YouTube

So with my new inspiration, I've decided to start practicing and practicing a lot. I'm hoping to put in at least 2 hours a day and make a high chair at the all state convention for my senior year of high school. I started to practice, and realized that my chops die, FAST. How is it possible that a player like mendez can put in 18 hours and my playing deteriorates RAPIDLY after just a few minutes of playing. At my level of skill is it not possible to practice for a long period of time?

I think part of the blame goes to the fact that marching band destroys my chops and now our band is practicing some songs to perform at the pearl harbor anniversary and that includes tons of marches and chop busters ( I rest mid song frequently to not completely destroy my chops).

Aside from that, I'm not sure how I can maintain my lips to practice longer. Any tips?

-Thanks in advance
a lot more does not automatically translate to a lot better. You need to start practicing BETTER and as you build better habits, the endurance goes up.

Practice in my book consists of several things - none of which are marches or chop busters.

We start with a daily routine - long tones, slurs, scales and easy tunes. Then comes a block of repertory played musically - not played to annoy or destroy. The last block is technical studies like from the Arban or Clarke books. You can double your playing time by simply playing softly.

Every brainlessly played note makes you WORSE because it trains not caring and bad body/brain use. EVERY NOTE COUNTS.