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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Private lesson rates in the General forums; This one is for all of you who teach private lessons. I was just wondering how often and by how ...
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    Private lesson rates

    This one is for all of you who teach private lessons.

    I was just wondering how often and by how much you raise your rate for teaching. Let's assume a half hour lesson.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

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    I've been giveing lessons to elementry school kids the last few months, so I don't know if my information will help you out much but here it goes...
    I charge 20 dollars for an hour long lesson, thats pretty cheap, but then again, I'm really just a student helping much younger students, so I really should charge much. However the lessons I take cost me 15 dollars for 45 minuets, that sounds really cheap for a lesson but its not really to great of a lesson, just a good time to play with another person and get a few pointers. Sorry if I didn't help much...

    -David Jacques

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    Most of my private teaching is done through schools, so I am stuck with their rates which vary from $18 - $24 per half hour.

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    I teach at local band instrument store. I started out 5 years ago at $12 for 1/2 hr. This year I raised my rate to $15. That's the anerage charge for all the teachers at my store.
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    The top guys here in Dayton, Ohio charge between $ 40 - 50 an hour.

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    Wow... the people at my local Johnny Thompson's store charge like... 30-50 per half hour! Yikes!

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    My son takes guitar lessons in a music store studio for $100 a month/ $25 per half hour lesson.

    Hope that helps. As for how often or how much to raise rates, our rates for the guitar lessons have not changed since he started about six months ago.
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    Well, you need to first look where you live, cost of living and everything.... You can't expect a private teacher in boston or LA to charge the same as someone from a small area.


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    At home I charge $30 per half hour

    The private school where I give lessons charges $35 per half hour.

    The school rates are attached to the rate of tuition increase at the school each year which has been way ahead of the CPI.

    I raise my rates at home when I find out that others' rates are getting closer to mine.
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    I am a university student who will be done this year. For high school kids and below I charge $30 / hr and students from my school will be charged $20 / hr.

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