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I doubt that you will manage to impress him with trumpet playing...unless you get your huggy bear to play

As for my teachers...

My Teacher at the Conservatory was (and I hope that he still is) an awesome trumpeter, fine teacher, though sometimes he was getting upset, because sepposedly I was not progressing as fast, as he wanted. But he gave me the basics and helped me resolve many problems concerning my trumpet playing. Then I had the possiblity of having few lessons with other teacher, Rod Frans and Murray Greig among others, which both are excellent trumpeter and teacher. Both were really cool, and Rod had such an extraordinary method to point out the defaults of my playing...He would almost never say what is wrong, but point out what is OK in some funny way, which would make me understand what is wrong as well, without stating it formally. Example:

I had a lesson with him, on which I played the big (actually not that big, but certainly high and exposed) trumpet solo from Alpensinfonie (Strauss). At the previous lesson he gave me some directions about the mask and the way the face muscles shold be working in the high register (before starting lesson with him in the high register I had this "smile" mask and pulling too much the lips out). So, I played the scary stuff (and it was succesful), then he was looking on the left side of my face and said: On this side is OK!

Another funny teacher I had is John Miller (RNCM, UK)...As I was a postgraduate student than, many times when I would ask him a question on basics of the kind: what to do to be able to play X or Y he would say: "You are old enough, sort it out yourself!" He was actually giving tips...but only when he felt, that the student would not manage without his help...all advices given with his funny scottish accent...cool stuff.
On the note of sorting it out yourself... I found that having manuscript paper (preferably book) near by at all times helps. If I get to somethign I keep on messing up. I take a step back grab a pencil and the manuscript paper. Look at the music try to play it slowly and figure out what is messing me up. Then I will write down an exercise of sorts for me to play. This helps me think through a problem logically.