I am blessed to make my life's work in church music. However, after work - when I want to work on projects, practice, arrange. I find myself too tired or distracted. I came across a great article sometime back that I wanted to share with you. If you are struggling after work to do some trumpet stuff, read this (or read it anyway).

The article is a LifeHacker one...How To Stay Productive After Work

Because again, I work in music - keeping my chops up has not been a MAJOR, MAJOR issue (though I had a long jazz gig last night that made me realize endurance exercises needed to be in my future). But here is a picture of the result of my pet project eight months after the article, from rags to roadworthy! What was a parts bike on Craigslist, has become my daily ride. I really credit this article in making that happen, as the bike sat in my garage untouched for about three months until I took the article's advice (1983 Honda CX650).