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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Professionals that struggled in the General forums; Originally Posted by trickg Originally Posted by BigBadWolf Bud Herseth crashed his car, not wearing a seatbelt, flew through the ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by trickg
    Quote Originally Posted by BigBadWolf
    Bud Herseth crashed his car, not wearing a seatbelt, flew through the windshield. Raphael Mendez was hit in the chops with a door. Al Hirt was hit in the face with a brick.

    I would say those classify, they were struggling to play after their collective accidents.
    To me, that doesn't really qualify because each of these guys already had their act together prior to the calamity, therefore, any work that they had to do towards rehabilitation was done already knowing more or less how things were supposed to work and feel. They may have struggled for a while, but they came back up to scratch.

    I wonder if Maynard ever had problems with range and endurance. Doc? Snooky Young? Bobby Shew?
    I agree.

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    Rich Willey had terrible chop problems in the early 90's. His chops hurt so much he could not even buzz on my trumpet mouthpiece. During this period of time he had to play bass trumpet, as the mouthpiece was more comfortable for him. By applying principles taught to him by Dr. Reinhart and the "pivot system" he was able to go from a very grave situation to playing with Maynard over a ten year period.

    Another case, although I do not recall the details exactly, is Michael Mossman. I believe he also ended up playing trombone for a while until his chops were in the condition to play the trumpet.

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    There is a great trumpet player in St. Louis named Jim Manley. He's a friend of mine from college. In the 70's Jim was a very mediocre player with poor tone and limited range. Jim made himself into a player.
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