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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Proud of my Son in the General forums; This is him at a church sponsored exhibition/competition today. Sorry the video quality is not great. He's a little nervous ...
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    Proud of my Son

    This is him at a church sponsored exhibition/competition today. Sorry the video quality is not great. He's a little nervous right at the beginning.

    He is in 8th grade and will be 15 in August.

    Jesus Paid it All/O Sacred Head - trumpet solo - YouTube

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    Re: Proud of my Son

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: Proud of my Son

    Nice job. Good to see him participating in church activities. When they find he plays trumpet there will likely be other opportunities at Christmas, Easter etc.
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    Re: Proud of my Son

    Be sure to tell him - nothing like Dad telling him "face to face"

    A side note here - in community band we have several different conductors - the ones who get us to be most productive are the animated ones - on a difficult passage this one conductor instills confidence - he says " trumpet players this is a difficult passage, but you can do it- count the beats yourself, be confident, play confident, you will sound awesome - " surprisingly we play that passage well
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    Re: Proud of my Son

    Hi duderubble,
    You've got something to be very proud of. I too have a munchkin and she performs the National Anthem and Taps whenever she's needed. If you are not familiar with getting your kid into these things, check with your Senator, local V.A. American Legion and funeral homes. Not only will your kid get a lot of experience, it's a good cause and they also get gifts in the form of money. The first time my daughter played the two pieces, she ended up with $35.00. Also, doing the National Anthem allows him free admission to games!
    Great job Dad!
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    Re: Proud of my Son

    Wonderful job in my opinion. Ive always said...there is no better audience than a church congregation. Absolutely NO ONE wants you to fail and everyone looks past any small weakness and are delighted to hear you play. Only good things can come of this for your son. Keep up the good work dad. Best wishes.
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    Re: Proud of my Son

    Thanks all, he has talked about wanting to do Taps, we will have to look into that.

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    Re: Proud of my Son

    Nice job!
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